We are a team of renewable energy experts and enthusiasts, dedicated to assisting Britain in the fight against climate change through the development of considered, appropriate renewable energy projects around the country.


Under the guidance of local planning experts and with advice from the local authorities, our team of experienced project planners and renewable energy engineers work together to develop green electricity projects that will provide a lasting supply of environmentally friendly electricity to communities across the country.


At ReThink, we prioritise local knowledge and local people as we believe that, whilst the fight against climate change is a global issue, it should be local communities that benefit first.





ReThink Energy is supported by a team of in-house experts and partners, including planning consultants and renewable energy technicians. We also work closely with a number of specialist partners.

ReThink Energy Ltd, 92 London Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 4SJ



Company Number: 08093102