Welcome to REthink Energy’s Local Electricity Discount Scheme, a new initiative that we’re offering to the neighbours of our Hall Farm solar project, near to the village of Bridgham. Please note, this scheme is currently ONLY open to neighbours of our Hall Farm project.


For details on how to register to receive £1,000 off your electricity bills, please scroll down to the ‘How to Register’ section.



What is the Local Electricity Discount Scheme?


We strongly support the Government’s position that renewable energy developments should benefit local communities.


The Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS) at Bridgham will provide an annual discount, for 5 years, against the electricity bills of homes close to the proposed solar project.


The scheme is open to all residential properties within the eligible area,that have an electricity meter. Please scroll down to the ‘Do I qualify for the discount?’ section for more information. An annual discount of £200 will be applied to each property’s electricity bill, paid directly to its electricity supplier and will be worth £1,000 over the five year period. As long as your electricity bills relate to a qualifying property, it does not matter which electricity supplier you are with.



Other community benefits


In addition to the LEDS, we are also willing to commit a further £200,000 to a community fund dedicated to conservation initiatives that, like our Hall farm solar project, seek to enhance and preserve the special natural character of the Brecks landscape and species within it. The conservation fund would be administered independently by the Norfolk Community Foundation.



Do I qualify for the discount?


The discount is available to all residential properties within the Parish of Bridgham and all residential properties within 1 mile of the centre of the solar farm. The property must be on mains electricity to qualify. If you believe you live in a qualifying property, you are invited to register your interest in joining the discount scheme by following the simple steps set out below.


When and How can I register?


To finalise the LEDS, it is important for us to establish approximately how many eligible properties are interested in benefiting from it. Residents of eligible properties are invited to register their interest before 15th March 2014 either by:


•  Completing one of our registration postcards that you should have received in the post; or

•  emailing your name and address to us at LEDS@rethink-energy.co.uk; or

•  registering via our hotline number 0845 4606011


Confirmation of your successful registration before the 15th March will be posted to you, along with a £10 Marks and Spencer voucher … just to say thank you.


The discount is paid per residential address only, and therefore only one person per property needs to register.


Replies will be treated confidentially and registration for the LEDS does not signify your approval or disapproval of the associated planning application.



When will the LEDS and the conservation fund be available?


All community benefits are subject to the successful completion of the 36MW Hall Farm solar project proposed by REthink Energy and will only apply once it is operational. The LEDS will be paid annually for five years from the date the project is complete and producing clean green electricity for local consumption. It will not be available to any properties built after the solar project becomes operational. The conservation fund will be administered by the Norfolk Community Foundation and will be available within six months of the project being completed.



Who is REthink Energy?


REthink Energy is an independent renewable energy company, dedicated to assisting Britain in the fight against climate change through the development of considered, appropriate renewable energy projects around the country.


We develop green electricity projects that will provide a lasting supply of environmentally friendly electricity to communities across the country. At REthink we prioritise local knowledge and local people as we believe that, whilst the fight against climate change is a global issue, it should be local communities that benefit first, hence our commitment to the LEDS and the community conservation fund.



Hall Farm solar project


The Hall Farm project has three stand-out benefits. Firstly, it finds a better agricultural use of the low-grade land in question. The barrage of pesticides and nitrates that harm wildlife will stop and sheep grazing will take its place. Wildflower meadows and grassland will be planted to encourage an abundance of local wildlife currently absent from the site, creating a kind of nature reserve. Secondly, just a third of the land will hold low lying solar panels to silently generate clean electricity for local use without producing any waste whatsoever. Thirdly, the site will be fully screened from view in a way that is consistent with the natural integrity of the landscape such that its character will be enhanced by returning it to its traditional state.


Once operational, the solar project will generate clean renewable energy equivalent to the annual electricity demand of around 10,000 UK homes a year and all of the energy produced will be consumed locally.



“Community benefit packages are becoming the norm across the industry. And they are popular – not least when they help people with their energy bills.”


Rt Hon Edward Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, November 2013

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