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The key to ReThink Energy’s success is that we always work in consultation with local people and act sensitively to the needs of local residents, land owners and parish councils.  A renewable energy project is for the benefit of the community first and for Britain second, and so the development of the project should be a seen as a partnership.


At ReThink, we pride ourselves on the collaborative nature of our development process, but before we even reach the stage at which a renewable energy project appears technically suitable for a given location, the site must undergo a rigorous series of assessments for suitability and pass a set of strict planning criteria. These assessments include, but aren’t limited to:


•  Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments, to ensure that local

   residents’ views will not be negatively impacted

•  Ecological assessments and wildlife surveys, to make sure that the

   proposed project wouldn’t disturb any animals or plants currently using

   the site

•  Archaeological Assessments, often including full geophysical surveys to

   ensure that nothing of archaeological interest would be disturbed by the

   project (Often our geophysical surveys provide the first opportunity for

   archaeologists to get an idea of what may lie below the land in question)

•  Flood Risk Assessments

•  Topographical Surveys

•  Access analysis for the short construction phase, to ensure that local

   traffic flow is not affected

•  Analysis of potential mitigation measures


Following a successful screening using the methods mentioned above, ReThink Energy then begins  community consultation. Although we are not required to discuss our proposals with the local community, much less act upon the feedback we receive, ReThink Energy places a huge amount of importance upon community consultation. We believe it’s vital to include input from the local community in the final design and layout of our projects.


ReThink always endeavour to adapt and update our project plans following public consultations to ensure we’re not missing anything vital to the local community and that the local community is happy. Whether we need to change our site location, adjust some of the layout, or ensure that we’ve tailored the construction plan to suit local priorities, ReThink will always try to help.



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